Gong Baths in Broomfield


Saturday September 7th, 2019

Friday September 13th, 2019

Friday September 27th, 2019

 Gong Baths in Broomfield start at  7:30pm

135 Hemlock Street

Broomfield, CO 80020

If you would like a spot on the So Sound resonating floor, call or email me so that I can let you know if space is available.
Space on the floor is limited to 4 people.

Cost $20.00

Please bring a mat/ pad to lay on, a blanket and pillow for your comfort.

Many have asked about private and small group sessions. Please feel free to contact me directly and we can set something up for you. 


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Unity on the Avenue

Om Hour 

Tuesday September 10th and 24th, 2019 at 7:00pm

And every 2nd and now 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm!
We are changing the format to where there will be a longer Gong Bath for those interested.
A Love Donation of $10.00 iss appreciated yet not required

4670 E 17th Ave.

Denver, CO 80220



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Join us in beautiful 

Cedaredge, Colorado 

for multiple Gong Baths, Yoga and
(believe it or not), time for yourself!
The afternoon of September 20th through the morning of September 22nd.
(The weekend before the Fall Equinox)

We start on Friday afternoon and end on Sunday morning with all the above plus meals and lodging are included. Please read below for more details.

On the weekend before Fall Equinox we will be able to enjoy the balance of day and night and celebrate our abundant harvest.

We will enjoy fresh food from local farms and intimate conversation in community. Move our bodies and relax and reset after a pretty intense but plentiful summer.

The flow of the weekend will be sound meditation gong bath Friday night. Gong will be played during a gentle yoga session afternoon Saturday and then again outside under the stars on Saturday night. We will have great food, bonfire and stargazing and many more surprises.

Healing sessions available for additional costs. Visit Tanya's website to learn more. click here.

The Rooms, tents fit 2-3 people. Make plans with friends and book a tent or come adventure on your own and make new friends. And this is limited to 12 people so everyone will have space.

To get this price you will need to email Tanya directly at and she will invoice you through Paypal or make arrangements that work for you. There is a place to register on her website for the retreat at $333. This included all the sessions, food and lodging.


Tantric Transmutation Through Breathwork and Sound Vibration

October 27th, 2019 ★ 9-5 pm 

Anita Boehm and myself
will be doing a workshop up at the
StarHouse just outside of Boulder.

This is an incredible class and we work to create a safe place to be able to experience and feel your energy.

Many off you know Anita from other classes we have done or from the amazing blends of oils she makes that many of you have had the opportunity to experience during some of my work.
The above PDF can be difficult to read so I've also included the text below.
Thank you and I hope you will join us!

We are constantly bombarded with various energies anywhere from 4G moving to 5G, microwaves, electrical lines and let’s not forget collective human consciousness. We are being beckoned to align with a different vibrational frequency within ourselves to shift the consciousness on the planet. It is important to do a daily check in about where our frequency is because it is so easy to get out of alignment with the collective consciousness energies. This workshop is designed for you to help figure out what is serving you and move into a different vibrational field from the things that are not. As we move through the transmutation process, we can learn to gracefully let go of what is no longer serving us for our higher good and allow our energetic selves to receive what is in our highest good. We already have the divine within us. The purpose of this workshop is to help us individually find a greater internal connection to that source and oneness. Through the processes of Breathwork, Qigong and Sacred Sound we will work to help you find a truer connection to yourself and Grace. This comes from within and your trust in Source. If you are open and willing to do the work, this workshop is for you.
Specifically, Tantric Transmutation is about going within to transmute the darkness. Tantra in Sanskrit literally means "loom, warp, weave.” According to Yogapedia, “Tantric meditation is a dynamic form of meditation that awakens consciousness for the purpose of liberating shakti energy. In fact, tantra is derived from the Sanskrit “tan” meaning expansion, and “tra” meaning liberation…”. In the West, tantra is often associated with sexual spirituality but it is actually an internal joining of the masculine and feminine. Tantric Transmutation is about experiencing the "no thingness” of Self. It is about merging the abstract of the masculine essence and the physical of the feminine essence of ourselves to release the cellular memory of separateness and emerging with a fresh memory of our true Self. It is the connection with “every thingness” in the physical realm.
In this workshop, you will experience:

  • Tantric Transmutation breathwork, Qigong, and essential oils to create biochemical shifts and bring you toward presence.
  •  The sacred sounds of Paiste Planetary Gongs, Himalayan Bowls, and other instruments of powerful sound vibration.
  • Creating Awareness of the “no thingness” of the Self; transmuting the cellular memory toward peace, happiness and compassion.             
  • Advanced Registration Required: Cost: $100 pre-paid by October 13, 2019 – $125; thereafter. Please contact Anita at Anita@MountainSageWellness.com303-241-3343 or you may pre-pay online Repeat students, this workshop has been reformatted. You will have new experiences and you may attend for just $70, if you register by October 13, 2019 -- $85; thereafter!

Come join me and other sound practitioners on
Saturday October 5th for 

the Althea Center's "Festival for the Soul".

I will be doing a Gong Bath around 10:45am and there will be other sound practioners throughout the day.

Be sure to mark your calendars!


4 Gongs with 

Richard Rudis and myself! 

2 days-2hours each

Friday October 11th at 7:00

Christ Congrigational Church

2500 S Sheridan Blvd., Denver, CO

Saturday October 12th at 7:00pm

Shining Mountain Waldorf School

999 Violet Ave., Boulder, CO

Click here to reserve your spots.

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October 11th at 12:00 noon

Gong Bath

Main Gym

3901 E. Yale Ave. 

Denver, CO, 80210

A portion of the proceeds go to the YMCA for developing programs and helping those in need.

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